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Are you ready to travel the world for free or very little money? Would you like to utilize credit card  and loyalty points/miles without going into debt? If the answer is yes, Welcome! You have come to the right place! Keep reading to learn about us and our travels. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay informed of credit card and travel news, deals and promotions.

I am here to help frequent, occasional and prospective travelers to save money, while also having once in a lifetime experiences by maximizing credit card rewards. As long as you are able to apply for a credit card, you can participate and win at this hobby. In order to be eligible for the best credit cards and the best deals, your credit score has to be in the excellent range. If it is not, do not worry! I will help give you the tools to increase and maintain your credit score. 

My name is Chris and I am the Points-Driven Traveler. With this blog, my goal is to help you save money while fulfilling your travel dreams. Furthermore, when done correctly it will not only maintain your credit score, but you can also increase your credit score. I will help navigate you to maximize credit card earnings and redemptions. Some of the topics that I plan to cover with this blog are:

1. How to earn and redeem credit card and loyalty points/miles

2. Staying out of credit card debt

3. Maintaining your credit score

4. Reviews of hotels, flights, restaurants, experiences, lounges, etc.

5. Credit card strategies: maximizing credit card earning potential

6. Travel news, deals, promotions

7. Credit card reviews and perks

This hobby started in 2016 for me and I am well versed in it. Furthermore, I have done hours of research and have utilized some of the tips and tricks that I will be writing about. I am looking forward to learning and having these experiences while seeing alternative prospectives from my readers. We have accumulated about 10 credit cards total while maintaining credit scores of about 800, and I hope to give you the tools to do the same.

My full time job is in healthcare. I am married to my husband, Marshall. We have been married for four years. We have a mutual love for travel, but neither one of us wanted to pay full price for travel arrangements (or anything else for that matter). In 2016, when the hobby really began for me, and I got the Chase Sapphire Reserve. As a result, my love of this field has since exploded. I wanted to start this blog so that I could share my knowledge and experiences while also learning new tips and tricks from readers.

The passion for this endeavor has definitely been in the making since I was young. I have always loved strategy games because they allow one to critically think to come to the best, most rewarding conclusion. The world of travel points and credit card rewards is the adult version of a strategy game. I enjoy figuring out the best way to maximize my credit card purchases and point redemptions. Moreover, I love the feeling like I got a great deal by getting the most value per point. 

As a note of transparency, I do not do reviews of flights, lounges or hotels in exchange for free accommodations, upgrades or extra perks. I believe that would not give a realistic view of the typical experience. The staff at these locations are unaware that we run a blog. Nevertheless, if we receive a product or accessory to review, I will be upfront about how it was acquired and will give an honest review.

If you are ready to learn how to travel the world for free or little money then don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you stay up to date on credit card and travel news, deals and promotions. And I hope to run into you, somewhere in the world, along your own Points-driven travels!

Travel Initiative: Starting this blog has made me realize that there is an initiative that I had not thought of before, but am ready to get on board with. It is Carbon Offsetting. This is donating money to or purchasing trees through a foundation that can help to cancel out the carbon released into the atmosphere from your travel. For future trips I plan to make this a part of our trips, to help carbon offset our flights and hotel stays. More on how this is calculated and carried out.

Christopher C Harvey, Founder and Owner

W. Marshall Harvey, Editor in Chief

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